Philip Ruddall

Phillip Rudall - Head of Legal Services

Phillip has over 25 years experience as a commercial solicitor specialising in a number of areas including commercial lending, corporate sales and commercial litigation.

He also has acted in an advisory role to a variety of financial institutions throughout Europe including GMAC, Masterlease and ING Bank.

His experience and expertise helped create many of our lending policies and practices. He is responsible for sanctioning all lending and assists in the ongoing management of our loan book.

Patrick O'Malley

Patrick O'Malley - Business Analyst

Patrick brings a wide spectrum of underwriting skills, he joined 2nd November 2015 as a Business Analyst from Zenith Lease Drive, where his role was to underwrite the Business and Directors for the purpose of gaining approval to run a white label car leasing operation.

Prior to that he worked at Secure Trust Bank for 5 years as an underwriter for lending and asset finance.

Wayne Martin

Wayne Martin - Broker Relations Manager

Wayne has built up a wide range of financial services experience and prides himself on his ability to help customers cut through any jargon.

"It's very important to assess someone's level of financial knowledge and talk in a way everyone can understand - customers really appreciate this," says Wayne.

What's also appreciated is his ability to assist colleagues with the more complicated finance applications and his expert Property and Bridging knowledge.

He developed his knowledge, skills and customer focus during his time with Egg Finance, Purple Loans and G.E. Money.

Ken Ramsay

Ken Ramsay - Account Director

Ken has over 38 years experience with Royal Bank of Scotland and has always taken immense pride in delivering excellent service to his customers. Evidence of his successful approach is the number of customers that asked to follow him whenever he moved branch or portfolio.

With over 15 years direct relationship management experience he is ideally placed to assess business finance applications with a focus on how the additional finance is going to help a business prosper. His knowledge and customer service focus ensures the right businesses get the right amount of finance they require.

"The facts and figures behind a finance application are important but I really enjoy asking the right questions that help me understand what motivates the person behind the business and how we can support their growth plans," says Ken.

Douglas Neil

Douglas Neil - Account Director

Douglas and his colleagues are the reason we receive outstanding customer feedback - "This is like Business Banking used to be".

This isn't surprising as during a long career with Clydesdale Bank he took responsibility for managing a large portfolio of SMEs. Excellent relationship management skills, the ability to identify customer needs and a record of providing innovative solutions were a winning combination that led to a series of rapid promotions.

"Many businesses tell us they were initially put off applying for finance because they believed it would take several weeks and they simply 'didn't have the time'. It's good to regularly receive positive feedback on how we sort everything out in just a number of days," says Douglas.

David Kerr

David Kerr - Account Director

David has over 36 years experience in a variety of senior roles in Commercial Banking, Asset Finance and Corporate Real Estate where he prided himself in being able to assist his customers meet their growth aspirations.

In his short time with Just Cashflow, David says, "Many customers comment on the speed of our response and the positive attitude we show to seeking an appropriate solution to their funding requirements"

Kenny Ramsey

Kenny Ramsay – Account Director

Kenny Ramsay is proud to say he has ‘been round the block a few times’.

On that journey he clocked up 40 years with Clydesdale Bank - 16 of these focussed on business banking.

After a short break to ‘recharge the batteries’ he was tempted to start using all of his experience with Just Cashflow and says "I really enjoy the entrepreneurial spirit and customer focus".

He adds, "It is refreshing to have the time to talk to a customer about their business and ask how we can support them both now and in the future. It’s like business banking used to be.

“It’s very rewarding to get such positive customer feedback such as - thanks for showing such genuine interest in my business”.

Steven McNair

Steven McNair – Account Director

Steven McNair had a plan when he retired after 40 years with the Clydesdale and Allied Irish banks - to get what his friends describe as a ‘very competitive’ golf handicap down. 

However, this has now been postponed because he has decided to keep using all of that Business Banking relationship experience. 

He says, “Increasingly businesses are saying we can’t wait for an appointment in two weeks time when we need an answer now. This isn’t surprising given that opportunities such as being able to buy a competitor's stock at half price don’t last for long.

“At Just Cashflow I can use all my experience to give those timely answers and get back to developing a relationship with customers - it’s what they want, what I enjoy and what feedback tells me is really appreciated.”

Danny Bulloch

Danny Bulloch – Account Director

Danny Bulloch prides himself on being a man that can ask the right questions. It’s an excellent skill set to have when you are dealing with businesses that want a timely response to their finance applications.

This ability has been developed through many years of practice - 28 with RBS; first as a Business Relationship Manager and then as an Area Director. 

He is really enjoying his new challenge with Just Cashflow and says, ”It’s really important to ask the right questions as that quickly allows you to get to understand more about the customer’s business and assess their finance application.

“It’s refreshing to receive such positive customer feedback - on many occasions I am told they haven't previously experienced such a professional service and good questions.”

Paul Ruddock

Paul Ruddock - Account Director

Paul Ruddock, Account Director, employs a no nonsense approach to both his work and sporting activities.

At the weekend he adopts this style while refereeing in the National Hockey League and the players respect this. At work this is reflected in the quick and informed decisions he can make that enables business customers to get the flexible finance facilities they require.

He says," It is so refreshing to be able give a customer a quick response rather than the several weeks it can take traditional banks to work applications through their approval systems with lots of different departments wanting to have their say."

Paul has over 40 years experience with Clydesdale Bank where he held a variety or roles including Head of International Trade. During his last 10 years with the Bank he was the Senior Relationship Manager for Invoice Financing in Scotland and he says he really enjoyed working with and educating businesses about how invoices were a valuable asset that could help them raise needed working capital.

Donald McNair

Donald McNair – Business Support Manager

Donald McNair, Business Support Manager, has always had a simple and straightforward work ethos - treat other people in a way that you would want to be treated yourself.

This served him well during 36 years with the Royal Bank of Scotland and a further 5 years with Clydesdale Bank.

"I was attracted to Just Cashflow by friends and family telling me that my experience and approach would be warmly received and that's exactly what has happened," explains Donald.

He plays a key role by being the link between Underwriting and Administration and is often described as 'the glue" that keeps everything together so a seamless service can be provided for customers.

John Lockhart

John Lockhart – Business Turnaround Director

John Lockhart, Business Turnaround Director, knows from experience that businesses almost inevitably will hit a 'bump in the road' and how important it is to recognise and address this.

His experience includes 29 years with Clydesdale Bank where one of his responsibilities was helping to turnaround businesses that were experiencing challenges.

"By building a good relationship with our businesses customers we are ideally placed to be proactive and to work on solutions together," he explains.

"Since I joined Just Cashflow it has been very gratifying to receive such positive customer feedback on just how quickly we have recognised challenges and given businesses exactly what they need - quick and proactive decisions."

Billy McCall

Billy McCall – Account Director

Billy McCall, Account Director, has 31 years experience with Airdrie Savings Bank in a number of senior roles that gave him responsibility and oversight of the entire business.

After the Bank closed he was tempted to speak to Just Cashflow because an ex-colleague told him that this was a company that could use his vast underwriting experience and relationship management skills.

"It wasn't a difficult decision as I could immediately tell this was a company that valued their customers and relationship management," says Billy.

These relationships are both with customers and brokers who have often made the first introduction.

"It's all about good communication and providing a seamless service," he explains.

Outside of work he is an enthusiastic amateur football coach.

Danny Bulloch

Robert Muir – Account Director

Robert Muir, Account Director, is well aware that SMEs get frustrated when they are seen as just another account number.

"I know from experience that time starved business owners want to deal with someone who understands their business, the financial challenges they face and is keen to develop a relationship," he explains.

He learnt the importance of relationships management with Alex Lawrie Factors - the company that introduced invoice factoring to the UK. This company was acquired by the Lloyds Banking Group and he spent a further 20 years with them.

"I am really enjoying the energy, innovation and customer focus at Just Cashflow and, of course , the positive customer feedback - it reminds of when I first started in financial services," adds Robert.

Samantha Donnelly

Samantha Donnelly – Operations Manager

Samantha Donnelly, Operations Manager, is proud to be in what she calls the "engine room" of the business ensuring everything runs to plan for customers.

She oversees the Business Administration and Business Analyst Teams and says, "I really enjoy ensuring a smooth customer journey and, of course, that starts from day one with the initial application."

She has 27 years previous experience in a wide range of roles with Airdrie Savings Bank including Head of Credit and she is a Member of the Chartered Institute of Bankers in Scotland.

"I was looking for a fresh challenge and its good to be working with colleagues who play a key role in generating extremely positive customer feedback."

Away from work Samantha is a panel member for the Children's Hearing Panel in Scotland which is involved in the wellbeing of children and young adults.

John Trainor

John Trainor – Account Director

John Trainor, Account Director, has a wide range of experiences that he brings to his current role and applies three self imposed rules that he has developed along the way.

  • 1) Take time to listen and understand
  • 2) Don't jump to conclusions
  • 3) Explain the decisions you make

One of his earliest jobs was working with Bolton Wanderers on business development and this involved getting a variety of businesses involved with the club on a number of joint initiatives.

He spent 13 years with RBS and was paid the compliment of being head hunted by one of their clients he had obviously impressed.

His career to date also includes working for a large consultancy firm supplying much needed project management skills to large companies, regional authorities and government agencies.

Away from work he is heavily involved with his son's football team and admits to having been 'red carded' by his daughter who is a keen netball player due to 'potential over enthusiastic' supporting from the touchline.