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Business Builder Loan Launched

Our new loan product with enhanced tailoring capabilities for all business needs.

The product suits both short- and long-term loan requirements with fixed or variable repayments and with access to funds from £10K to £1M

Because of its malleable nature, features such as payment holidays, early repayment without penalties or loan extensions can be worked into the design. Use of funds can range between anything from a new vehicle or printing press to a new lease or shop. It also provides borrowers with certainty about the term of the loan and knowing the structure of future monthly repayments.

The product comes in addition to the lender’s existing revolving credit facility, which acts exactly like a traditional bank overdraft.

John Davies, director at Just Cashfow, provided some further details on the product: “We appreciate that businesses have diferent finance needs that reflect their growth plans, [such as] seasonality of income and a range of other factors.”

“This has driven the creation of our new product, along with recognition that professional brokers and intermediaries are ideally-placed to work with their business customers to design the most suitable loan facility.”

“We have taken on board feedback from existing customers and the brokers we regularly deal with. A strong theme has been that our revolving credit facility works really well when businesses have to prepare for inevitable bumps in the road that will impact their all-important cash flow. However, this isn’t always the ideal solution when capital expenditure needs to be made.”

“Seasonality of income was another strong theme. A lot of businesses know how this is going to impact them and would welcome the fexibility and relief that payment holidays can provide. Businesses rely on the expertise of professional brokers and intermediaries, and our flexible financial solutions will allow them to work with their clients to provide a tailored product.”

“The most successful businesses are ones that can quickly adapt to new challenges and opportunities, and our thinking is that our finance facilities should refect and encourage this. For example, if things change and a business has the ability to repay their loan early, why should they be penalised for it?”

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Date Issued September 2017.

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