This is a well-respected board of directors. Their collective experience is something that a company cannot put a price on.

They recognise the potential and clear growth strategies of the businesses that the Group will fund.

John Davies

John Davies - Executive Chairman

John’s passion is helping businesses thrive and grow by providing much needed funding where possible and sharing his hard earned business lessons.

As the founder of JLG Group PLC, he is focussed on helping to bridge the funding gap that has restricted the growth of British industry.

The Group helps businesses to invest and grow through its subsidiaries, Just Cash Flow PLC, Just Finance Loans & Investments PLC and Just Bridging Loans PLC

John draws on his 30 plus years of experience gained through founding and running a number of companies to give guidance to existing and potential business owners.

He is frequently asked to chair or contribute at industry-wide events under the key theme of helping businesses avoid potential pitfalls and the need to focus on key business fundamentals such as planning, forecasting and managing cash flow.

He is a strong advocate for there to be a formal qualification for directors before they set up in business.

Recently he has shared his experience and expertise at a number of FinTech events to educate tech entrepreneurs about the different forms of funding available to them and the need to bring their products to market.

Further to his industry roles listed above, John is Chairman of Kompli Global, set up to provide ‘Gold Standard’ support for a broad range of companies needing to meet the significantly enhanced compliance requirements that the implementation of the EU 4th Money Laundering will introduce.

Chairman of the Association of Alternative Business Finance Providing alternative lenders with a single, more powerful voice and lobbying capability.

Associate Member of All Party Parliamentary Group on Fair Business Banking and Key Advisor to its major initiative - Access to Finance for Sustainable Growth.This initiative brings together senior/influential figures and organisations in alternative finance, commercial banking, policy and business in order to understand the key challenges in financing businesses for sustainable growth.

Member of the Financial Ombudsman Service SME Advisory Group Formed to enhance FOS’s knowledge on SME issues and trends following its expanded remit in handling SME complaints.

Member of the CBI SME Council Championing the cause of SMEs and providing strategic input and shaping the CBI’s relevant policies and campaigns.

Deputy Chair of the Emerging Payments Association and mentor to its major Financial Crime Project The EPA is a thriving community of payments professionals whose goals are to strengthen the payments industry to benefit all stakeholders. The Financial Crime Project aims to position the association and its members as leaders in tackling financial crime.

Member of the Fairlife Debt and Credit Panel Developing a fair trading mark for business lending.

John McLellan

John McLellan - CEO

John McLellan is Chief Executive Officer of JLG Group PLC and Chief Operating Officer of the wholly owned Just Cash Flow PLC, and a specialist in business finance, including credit, collections and risk sectors.

Before joining the Group, John ran his own consultancy, undertaking various projects across Pan-European Financial Services providers to optimise performance and reduce costs.

Prior to starting his own business John held senior management positions with Aktiv Kapital (UK) LTD, Cabot Financial (Europe) LTD and Royal Bank of Scotland.

John is a former Director and Council member of the Credit Services Association and is a member of The Chartered Banker Institute.

Robert Boot

Robert Boot - Finance Director

Robert Boot is a Fellow of the Institute of Chartered Accountants in England and Wales.

Robert has held senior executive and non-executive positions in a number of industries, in particular construction services, property development, IT and Corporate Finance. He has been responsible for, or directly involved in, listing companies on AIM, GXG and ISDX.

Robert has been responsible for investment, mergers, acquisitions and sales of many SME businesses in various parts of the world including the UK, Continental Europe, the Middle East, Far East, Australia and the USA.

He has been a member of the Bank of England's Panel for South London since 1997.


JLG Group PLC - Corporate Director

The Parent company of JLG Group.

The Group has entered the alternative finance sector to help bridge the funding gap that has restricted the progress of UK businesses, by providing income-producing loans to its subsidiaries in order that they can finance appropriate companies.

Just Cash Flow PLC is a 100% wholly owned subsidiary of JLG Group PLC.

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